Hive Inspection – 18 06 2012

The weather was mild on Sunday and the wind had fallen somewhat so it was a good day to have a look in at the bees.  Not much change from last week really.

Smoking up the hives keeps them calm

We was hoping to take our young nephew Josh with us as we were looking after him that day but he didn’t think it was a good idea.  This is strange really as he’d always seems fascinated by them in the past and would want to “get up close and personal” with them. Maybe in a few years – he is only 8!

Hive 1
Good tempered and queen still laying well with eggs and brood now on five frames.  There was ample stores and signs of them starting to fill the super too.  Not much more to do in this one so we shut it down.

Hive 2
Nothing happening in this hive at all and no sign of the small queen that dropped in there a couple of weeks back.  There are now too few bees to worry about uniting with one of the other hives so its all over for this hive I think.  There was plenty of stores on the brood frames so I took one out and placed in Hive 1 and another two out and placed in Hive 4.  Obviously left some stores in just in case the queen was there and not yet laying – but very doubtful.

Hive 3
Still no sign of a queen or eggs but the frame we dropped in from Hive 4 last week now only had one capped queen cell left on it.  Not quite sure why the hatched queen wouldn’t have ripped down the remaining cell… maybe she was about to when we poked our noses in!  We didn’t want to rip it down ourselves just in case the hatched queen wasn’t any good or had already met her end. The bees were still a bit grumpy so the could still be queenless. Anyway, clearly marked the frame with the un-hatched queen cell and closed up the hive.  There was plenty of store on this one and they had started working on the super we added last week.  If the new queen does not take we will probably unite this hive with hive 4.

Hive 3 – still no sign of a mated queen

Hive 4
All looked well in this hive and the queen had laid up on about 4 frames.  Spotted her and she was looking fine.  There wasn’t a great deal of stores in this hive hence taking two frames out of the dwindling hive 2.

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