Update to Hive Inspection – 22 04 2012

Hive 2
Got up this morning and mixed up a sugar syrup feed for the bees in hive No. 2.  I added 5Kg of granulated refined sugar to about 3 litres of hot water and mixed with the Kenwood Chef whilst I had a cup of tea.  When I got to the apiary I removed the super from the hive and moved the crown board down over the brood box.  I placed one of our jumbo feeders on top of that and poured the entire mix in.  The bees should take that down in a few days.

Hive 4
Took one of our supers from storage and placed on top of the existing super.  The existing super was jam-packed with bees this morning which demonstrated the need to get another super on top.

In theory I should have lifted the existing super and added the new one underneath – but a bit of theory testing doesn’t do too much hard every now and then!

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